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Car Wash Pricing

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Bend, Oregon Car Wash Pricing

Choose just the right value package for your needs. We offer a full range of car washes and products to clean your car, restore its appearance, and protect it from the effects of weather, dirt, and road grime.

Now Open in Bend, OR! 27th St Near Wilco!

62020 SE 27th St. Bend, OR 97701



  • Vacuums
  • Morning Coffee
  • Morning Newspaper
  • Trash Bag
  • Lollipops for Kids

You May Also Order Other Services A La Carte

  • Rain-X Surface Protectant – $3
  • Wipe-Out Clear Coat – $3
  • Armor-All Tire Shine – $3
  • Armor-All Extreme Wax Shine – $4
  • Air Freshener – $1
  • Towel – $1 – $2

All Washes Include:

  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Power Dry
  • Use of Free Vacuums
  • Use of Air Blaster

Share Card Membership

Ultimate Share Card

Get up to 5 washes every month.
Can be used for any car!
for 30 days (a $65 value!)
Credit card only. Automatically charges your card every 30 days when you choose monthly payments. Two-month minimum membership. 5 wash limit per card per 30 days.

Unlimited Wash Plan

The Ultimate Wash

Ultimate Monthly
Ultimate Yearly (Save $89.88!)
Automatically charges your credit card every 30 days when you choose monthly payments, unless cancelled by you.

Unlimited Wash Plan

The Epic Wash

Epic Monthly
Epic Yearly (Save $39.88!)
Automatically charges your credit card every 30 days when you choose monthly payments, unless cancelled by you.

Surf Thru Express Car Wash Opens In Bend, OR

Company offers free car washes so customers can experience the Surf Thru difference.

Bend, OR (February 5, 2018) – Surf Thru Express Car Wash is pleased to announce the opening of their newest location at 62020 NE 27th Street. This is Surf Thru Express Car Wash’s first location in Oregon, with 15 total locations throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

As part of the grand opening Surf Thru Express Car Wash is offering free car washes when customers join their mobile coupon club for future specials, as well as discounts on memberships.

Surf Thru Express Car Wash is a leader in the high-end, express car wash market with washes starting as low as $7. More importantly, it is a WaterSavers® car wash facility and an industry leader in recycling and reclaiming water. The average car wash at Surf Thru Express uses less water per wash than a typical home washing machine. In addition, Surf Thru Express uses technology to filter out all of the brake dust, oils and dirt that rinses off of each car and properly disposes of the “muck”. When washing a car at home, those chemicals and toxins are frequently washed down the storm drain, polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans. “Improving Bend’s water conservation efforts and reducing their environmental impact is part of our business model,” said co-owner Todd Gall. “In fact, most of our locations, including our Bend location, are solar powered.”

In addition to being eco-friendly, Surf Thru Express Car Wash uses only top of the line products. The car wash features include purified water, high quality soft cloth applicators and equipment, Armor All Professional Extreme Shine Wax, and Rain X complete surface protectant, which forms a chemical bond to the car’s paint offering an additional layer of paint protection and shine.